Jan 27

To configure your router, go to the Manual Setup Section below and follow the steps.

Important for Manual Setup: For the quick setup wizard to work properly, you must have a working Internet connection. Ensure that you are able to use your computer to get on the Internet before disconnecting your computer from your

1.Turn off and unplug your cable or DSL broadband modem.


2.Position your router close to your modem and a computer.Place the router in an open area of your intended work area for better wireless coverage.


3.Unplug the Ethernet cable from your modem (or existing router if upgrading) that is connected to your computer. Plug it into the black port labeled 1 on the back of your router. The router is now connected to your computer.

DIR-826L-Quick-Install- Guide3

4.Plug one end of the included blue Ethernet cable that came with your router into the yellow port labeled INTERNET on the back of the router. Plug the other end of this cable into the Ethernet port on your modem.


5.Reconnect the power adapter to your cable or DSL broadband modem and wait for two minutes.


6.Connect the supplied power adapter into the power port on the back of the router and then plug it into a power outlet or surge protector. Press the power button and verify if the power LED is lit.


7.Open a web browser and enter http://dlinkrouter. When the login window appears, set the user name to Admin and leave the password box blank. Click Log In to continue the setup and follow the Setup Wizard. Please refer to the
user manual for more detailed installation information and advanced features.


8.This is a sample network configuration of the setup after you have completed all the setup steps.


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Mar 25

D-Link DNS-320L Quick Install Guide Manual Installation

Step 1:

Remove the top cover of your device by pressing the push button in and then lift the cover up.

Step 2:

Attach the strap to your hard drive(s) with the supplied screws.

Step 3:

Insert one or two 3.5” SATA hard drive(s) into the drive bay until they are firmly seated. Then, re-attach the top cover.

Step 4:

Plug an Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on the back of the device and plug the other end to your network via a router or switch, or directly to a computer for configuration.

Step 5:

Connect the power adapter to the device and then connect the other end into a power outlet or surge protector. Press the power button on the front of the device to turn the device on.

Step 6:

Open a web browser and enter the IP address of the D-Link DNS-320L to access the Web UI. If you have a DHCP-enabled router on your network, you may need to check the DHCP table to see what IP address the DNS-320L was assigned.

Note: The computer used to access the ShareCenter® web-based configuration manager must be on the same subnet as the ShareCenter®.

If your network is using a DHCP server and the computer receives IP settings from the DHCP server, the ShareCenter® will automatically be in the same subnet.

Step 7:

Select System Administrator and click the Login button (leave the password blank by default). Once you are logged in, click Management and then click Setup Wizard. Follow the on-screen instructions to configure your D-Link DNS-320L.

Note: Please refer to the manual for more information.

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