Mar 19

Step 1: Launch the ShareCenter Easy Search Utility

Step 2: Select your ShareCenter Pro Storage device and click Configuration


Step 3: Select System Administrator

Note: There is no password setup by default


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Dec 03

Dynamic DNS (DDNS) allows remote administration of the unit or FTP access using a domain name in situations where a static IP address is not available. Each time a new dynamic IP address is pulled, the the Unit updates the IP address with the DDNS service provider.

Step 1: Register with one of the following DDNS providers:

Write down the URL and login information you obtained after registering with one of the above DDNS providers.

Step 2: Log into the web-based configuration of the D-Link ShareCenter Pro

Step 3: Click the Network Services and then click Dynamic DNS


Step 4: Click the Enable DDNS checkbox.

Step 5: Select the provider that you registered with from the drop-down list next to Server Address.

Step 6: Using the information you obtained in Step 1 enter the domain name that you created (i.e. in the field by Host Name. Enter your login information for the account in the Username/Key,Password/Key, and verify Password/Key fields.

Step 7: Click Apply to save the new settings.

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Nov 29


Step 1: Log into the ShareCenter and go to the Advanced tab click RAID on the left side of the screen.


Step 2: Click Enable Auto-Rebuild then click the Apply button.


Step 3: Click the Status tab and verify the Sync Time Remaining. Once the Sync Time Remaining is Completedthe RAID is now in sync.



Note: If sync time turns returns to 0 minutes and has a message Sync Time Remaining: Degraded still. You can perform a Disk Diagnostic to determine which drive is failing. To do this go to the Maintenance tab and click the Disk Diagnostic tab on the left hand side. Next select your drive(s) you wish to test and click Start.


Note: You can configure e-mail alerts to alert you when rebuilding is complete or the status becomes degraded.


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Nov 26

Step 1: Log into the D-Link ShareCenter Pro

Step 2: Click on Disk Management and iSCSI Target.

Step 3: Click on iSCSI Targets, select Target name and click Edit


Step 4: Click Next


Step 5: Enable CHAP Settings and Input Name and password and Click Apply


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Nov 23

Step 1: Log into the ShareCenter Pro.

Step 2: Click on Disk Management and then iSCSI Target

Step 3: Check Enable iSCSI Target


Step 4: Click the iSCSI Targets Tab and Click Create


Step 5: Select Pre-Allocate , Enter a name for the target then Select Volume and Select Size

NOTE: Pre-Allocate: Click Yes to reserve a certain amount of capacity on the target in advanced. Click No to enable thin provisioning which provides just enough storage space for immediate use


Step 6: Enable Chap Security on Target (If required)

Step 7: Click Apply




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