Aug 15

SMTP uses a standard port which is 25 so there isn´t an option to add or change the port, if your application uses a port other than port 25 then it will not be compatible.

The following instructions provide an example of how Email Settings should be setup, the default port used is 25(D-Link DIR-660 as example).

Step 1: Log into the router.

For the DIR model routers, the Email Settings can be found under the TOOLS tab.


Step 2: Put a check box in Enable Email Notification.


Step 3: In the field From Email Address: put in an address where you would like the email to show from and in the To Email Address: put where you would like the email to be sent. If your server requires authentication put a check in the box Enable Authentication: and enter the required information for Account Name: and Password:


Step 4: Finally, you can have the log emailed to you when it is full by checking the On Log Full: option and/or use a schedule that was previously created to email the log to the email address that was provided.

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Aug 09

Some SMTP servers will require various forms of authentication. One form is to authenticate based upon the sender’s e-mail address. This is the same as the Return Address. Therefore, it would be best to change the Return e-mail address to an address that matches the SMTP server’s domain. Another form of authentication is a user name and password.

Step 1: Log into your camera and click on Configuration. Go to Advanced > Mail & FTP and fill out the SMTP information.

  • SMTP (mail) server 1 = address of the DESTINATION SMTP server (SMTP server that hosts the destination address). Example –
  • SMTP login name 1 = user name of a valid account on SMTP server
  • SMTP password 1 = password of the valid user name on SMTP server
  • Recipient e-mail address = destination e-mail address.
  • Sender e-mail address = who is sending the e-mail.

Please note that SMTP #2 is for backup purposes. If the first address fails, the second will take over. Return e-mail address = e-mail address that will be notified in the event of a failed to send. If you do not want to enter a return e-mail address, put a fake address in this field. You MUST enter a valid e-mail address format ( or the pictures will not send.

In order for the SMTP authentication to work, the D-Link camera DNS fields must be from your ISP, not the router´s IP address.


Step 2: Go to Tools > Applications.

Step 3: Set desired schedule for recording; ex. All the time except for the above schedule

Step 4: Select Event Operation.

Step 5: Under Trigger Condition select which window you want to Detect motion in: the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd motion detection boxes depending on how many you created from the motion detection screen.

Step 6: Under Trigger Action select the box next to Upload snapshots while motion detected.

Step 7: Select Send snapshots by e-mail.


Step 8: Click Apply.

NOTE: This camera does not have the option to change SMTP options. The SMTP server must use standard SMTP port 25 and you will be unable to connect to an email server that uses SSL authentication.

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Aug 09

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a TCP/IP protocol used in sending and receiving e-mail. However, since it is limited in its ability to queue messages at the receiving end, it is usually used with one of two other protocols, POP3 or IMAP, that let the user save messages in a server mailbox and download them periodically from the server. In other words, users typically use a program that uses SMTP for sending e-mail and either POP3 or IMAP for receiving e-mail. On Unix-based systems, sendmail is the most widely-used SMTP server for e-mail. A commercial package, Sendmail, includes a POP3 server. Microsoft Exchange includes an SMTP server and can also be set up to include POP3 support.

While electronic mail servers and other mail transfer agents use SMTP to send and receive mail messages, user-level client mail applications typically only use SMTP for sending messages to a mail server for relaying. For receiving messages, client applications usually use either the Post Office Protocol (POP) or the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) or a proprietary system (such as Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes/Domino) to access their mail box accounts on a mail server.

SMTP usually is implemented to operate over Internet port 25. An alternative to SMTP that is widely used in Europe is X.400. Many mail servers now support Extended Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (ESMTP), which allows multimedia files to be delivered as e-mail.

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