Dec 08

With the D-Link power adapter always on, when the PC is shut down and then restarted, some motherboards will not boot up.


Reasons: The USB 5V is being feedback, sinking to the motherboard.

Symptoms: Some motherboards will exhibit power LED staying on or HDD LED staying on. With 5Vs feeding back into the computer from the D-Link DSB-H4, the power good signal on the motherboard is always on. In some motherboard designs, a power good signal is delayed , so the motherboards will not boot up until the USB cable or power cable is removed from the DSB-H4. Some motherboards do not have this issue because the USB port has diode protection.

Fix: To fix the problem you will have to remove the power supply along with the USB cable and restart your computer. Once restarted you can then plug everything back in.

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