Feb 02

Step 1: Open your Internet browser and enter http://dlinkrouter, http://dlinkrouter.local, or into the address bar.

The default username is Admin. Enter your administrator password. If you have not changed the default password, this field should be left blank. Click Login.

Step 2: Click on the Setup tab at the top and then click on Wireless Settings from the menu on the left-hand side. Then click Manual Wireless Connection Setup.

Step 3: Under the Wireless Security Mode section, select WEP from the Security Mode drop-down menu. In the section below, select the desired WEP Key Length, and the Authentication type from the drop-down menus.

Enter the desired WEP Key in the field provided. For 64 bit keys you must enter 10 hex digits into the WEP key box. For 128 bit keys you must enter 26 hex digits into the WEP key box. A hex digit is either a number from 0 to 9 or a letter from A to F.

You may also enter any text string into a WEP key box, in which case it will be converted into a hexadecimal key using the ASCII values of the characters. A maximum of 5 text characters can be entered for 64 bit keys, and a maximum of 13 characters for 128 bit keys.

Click Save Settings to save your configuration.

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Dec 04

It is recommended to enable encryption on your wireless access point before your wireless network adapters/bridges. Please establish wireless connectivity before enabling encryption.

Note: Your network will slow down and wireless signal may degrade when enabling encryption due to the added overhead.

Step 1 Open your web browser and type the IP address of the DWL-G820 in the address bar. The default IP address is At the login, enter your username (admin) and password (default password is blank).

Step 2 Click on Advanced and then click Encryption on the left side.

Step 3 Click on the Shared Key radio button. Next to Key Type, select Hex or ASCII. When using different brand wireless products, it is strongly suggested to use Hex.

Step 4 Next to Key Size, select the level of encryption.

Step 5 Next to Valid Key, select First. In the box, enter a HEX key (a random encryption key that you make up). The length of the encryption key will depend on what you selected under WEP Encryption. The Hex key must be exactly the same on all your wireless products.

  • 64-bit encryption 10 characters
  • 128-bit encryption 26 characters
  • 152-bit encryption 32 charactersThe encryption key is HEX, meaning 0-9 and A-F are valid characters.A10386_image1

    Step 6 Click Apply to save your settings.

    Note: You will now need to use the same encryption key on all other wireless devices you wish to communicate on this wireless network.

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Nov 14

Step 1 Log into the web-based configuration by opening up a web browser and typing in the IP address of the access point (

Step 2 The default username is admin (all lower case) and the password is blank (nothing). Click OK.

Step 3 Click on the Advanced tab and then click Encryption on the left side. Select the Wireless Band (DWL-7100AP only).

Step 4 Click the radio button next to Shared Key and then click Enabled next to Encryption. Make sure your other wireless devices are set to Shared Key.


Step 5 Next to Key Type, select HEX or ASCII. You will need to use the same key on all your wireless devices.

  • HEX – use 0-9 and A-F only.
  • ASCII – All numbers and letters.Step 6 Next to Key Size, select the level of encryption (64, 128, or 152-bit).

    Step 7 You can enter up to 4 different keys. Select the key you want to use from the Valid Key drop-down.

    Step 8 Enter your encryption key. You make this up yourself. If you selected HEX, then enter a key made up of a combination of numbers (0-9) and letters (A-F). For example – A4572BCC19 (HEX).

    Step 9 Click Apply to save settings.

    Note: If you are configuring your access point from a wireless adapter, you will lose connectivity as soon as you click Apply. You must enable WEP on your adapter and enter the same exact key as you entered on your access point.

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