Dec 04

The DWL-2100AP allows you to select whether or not either wireless band can pass information, via the Internal Station Connection option. If this feature is not enabled, that particular wireless band will not be able to pass any information through the Access Point. This feature effectively segregates the wireless band of your choice from the rest of the Network. With Ethernet-to-WLAN Access disabled, information sent from the Ethernet side will not be passed to the Wireless Clients. However, wireless clients will still be able to transmit across Ethernet for browsing, etc.

Step 1 Open your web browser such as Internet Explorer and enter the IP address of the DWL-2100AP in the Address bar and press Enter. The default IP address is

Step 2 Enter your username (admin) and your password (leave blank by default). Click OK.

Step 3 Select the Advanced tab and then click Filters on the left side.

Step 4 Click on WLAN Partition.


Step 5 There are 2 different filters you can use to control traffic on your network. Select Enabled from the corresponding drop down box to enable the feature.

Internal Station Connection

  • Enabled – this will allow wireless clients to communicate with each other (within the same wireless band).
  • Disabled – wireless clients are not allowed to exchange data with each other (within the same wireless band).

Ethernet to WLAN Access

  • Enabled – Ethernet devices can exchange data with wireless devices using the Access Point.
  • Disabled – Ethernet devices are not allowed to send data to wireless devices associated with the Access Point. However, wireless devices can still send data to the Ethernet devices.

Step 6 Click Apply to save your settings

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Aug 08

D-Link DAP-2553 Wireless MAC ACL


Wireless Band:Displays the current wireless band rate.

Access Control List:Select Disable to disable the filters function.

MAC Address:Select Accept to accept only those devices with MAC addresses in the Access Control List. All other devices not on the list will be rejected.Select Reject to reject the devices with MAC addresses on the Access Control List. All other devices not on the list will be accepted.Enter each MAC address that you wish to include in your filter list, and click Save.

MAC Address List:When you enter a MAC address, it appears in this list. Highlight a MAC address and click Delete to remove it from this list.

Upload ACL File:You may create an ACL list and upload it to the access point instead of manually entering the information. Once created, click the Browse button and locate your file. Select it and then click Upload.

Download ACL File:Click Download to export the ACL to a file on your computer.

D-Link DAP-2553 WLAN Partition


Wireless Band:Displays the current wireless band rate.

Link Integrity:Select Enable or Disable.

Ethernet to WLAN Access:The default is Enable. When disabled, all data from the Ethernet to associated wireless devices will be blocked. Wireless devices can still send data to the Ethernet.

Internal Station Connection:The default value is Enable, which allows stations to inter-communicate by connecting to a target AP. When disabled, wireless stations cannot exchange data through the AP.

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